Sale on Codeguard Site Back Up Service

Hostgator India which is the leading web Hosting service in India is now offering great discount on Codeguard Ste Back up service. The discount offered is 30 percent on all the Codeguard plans.

Codeguard Offers Following benefits:

  • You get a backup of all the files in your hosting package.
    Your databases are also fully backed up by CodeGuard.
    A data is fully encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Full Automated
  • CodeGuard monitors your website for changes and automatically backs up the changes on your website.
    You are also notified by CodeGuard when there are additions, modification and deletions of your files.
    Web Hosting Features
    Restore your Site
  • CodeGuard allows you to restore your entire website from any previously created snapshot.
    You can also choose to restore individual files from a screenshot.
    Database restores are made easy so that you can recover from database corruption issues.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Lightweight and Secure
  • CodeGuard reduces your load on your hosting package by determining what has changed and only backing up the changes.
    With automated notifications, you will be notified when files on your website have changed, helping you protect your website from unauthorized modifications.

Hostgator India offers 4 Codeguard Plans – Basic, Professional, Premium and Enterprise.  The Basic Plan is offered at Rs. 69 per month and includes 1 GB diskspace with upto 5 websites backup. The back up is taken automatically every 5 days.

The Professional plan is priced at Rs 299 per month and you get 5 GB diskspace and backup is taken daily automatically. You can use this plan for upto 10 websites.

The Premium plan is priced at Rs 399 per month. You get 10 GN disk space and you can take back up of upto 25 websites. The nack up is taken automatically daily.

The Enterprise Plan is priced at Rs 799 per month. You get 25 GB disk space and take up nackup of upto 100 websites. The back up is taken daily automatically.


Hostgator India Codeguard Service

All the Plans are now offered at flat discount of 30 percent. The offer is valid till 21st June, 2017 only.



Any budding blogger or website maker might have  heard a lot about WordPress Content Managing System or CMS in short. You might have thought what is WordPress afterall and what is its use. Well, the WordPress CMS is a Website, Blog, etc making tool through which you can easily make a website of any kind including a blog.

WordPress had a humble beginning in the year 2003 and today it is world’s most popular CMS with millions of websites and blogs created through it. WordPress CMS is an Open Source Project which is maintained and constantly upgraded by the volunteers from all over the world. Open source means the users can freely download and use it without having to pay anything.

WordPress is today the most popular CMS because it is very simple to use, very secure with constant upgradation & bug fixing, availability of thousands of plugins & themes and most importantly it is free * have a great support forum. Websites of every kind like Blog, Online Shopping Sites, Business Sites, etc can easily be created through wordpress.

A vedery important reason for popularity of WordPress is the availability of thousands of Themes, Plugins, Apps, etc for the WordPress CMS. Through these Themes, Plugins, etc you can create site of any kind you want . For example, if you want to create a Online Shopping site then you will need Plugins for Shopping Carts, etc. which is all available in WordPress site. The Themes, Plugins, Carts, etc are all available for download from WordPress site – Besides the Free Plugins, Themes, etc., there are also Paid Themes, Plugins, etc. are available from the private developers which can be purchased from their respective site.

It is being claimed that the WordPress mow powers almost 25% of the internet which is reflective of the trust and popularity of this CMS. Infact, even this site is powered by the WordPress. So, whether you are a new blogger or experienced website developer, the WordPress is simple enough for everyone and has all the functions which an advanced developer might need.



Custom Error Pages

Custom Error Pages

If you want your web site to serve custom pages in case of any error then you will need to create a custom error page and make the necessary changes to your site so that the custom error page is displayed.

The error pages are displayed when the errors in the client’s request error or there are any server error. For example, a 400 error means the request is a bad request. The following are the types of error which leads to display of error pages:

Client Request Errors

Error Code                                     Reason
400 –                                        Bad Request
401 –                                        Authorization Required
403 –                                        Forbidden
404 –                                        Not Found
405 –                                        Method Not Allowed
406 –                                        Not Acceptable (encoding)
407 –                                        Proxy Authentication Required
408 –                                        Request Timed Out
409 –                                        Conflicting Request
410 –                                        Gone
411 –                                        Content Length Required
412 –                                        Precondition Failed
413 –                                        Request Entity Too Long
414 –                                        Request URI Too Long
415 –                                        Unsupported Media Type

Server Errors

Error Code                                     Reason
500 –                                        Internal Server Error
501 –                                        Not Implemented
502 –                                        Bad Gateway
503 –                                        Service Unavailable
504 –                                        Gateway Timeout
505 –                                        HTTP Version Not Supported

To display the custom error pages, you will need to first create a custom error page using HTML or SHTML. If you don’t want to create error page in HTML or SHTML then you can also use Sitebuilder (Sitebuilder comes with Hostgator Hosting account) or any other web site builder. To display the error page, you will first need to login to Cpanel account and click on the Error Pages option. In the error pages option, you will need to click on the Advanced option and  then choose the domain on which you want to use error pages and click on the page on which you want to display custom error pages. Lastly, you will need to paste  your own custom page code (in HTML or SHTML). Click on the save and the changes will then apply. For the Page created using the Sitebuilder, the procedure is little different. In sitebuilder, you will first need to create the error page and then publish it and then you will need to visit the published page on your browser. From the browser then you will need to choose the click on the Source or Page source option and copy everything from the pop up window which appears. Now, you will have to paste the codes in the same way. Now, you can safely delete the page which you have published through Sitebuilder.

Custom Error Page example

Free Website Transfers Facility of Hostgator

Free Website Transfers Facility of Hostgator

Hostgator offers free transfer facility of websites for the new customers. The new customers can ask for transfer of websites within 30 days of purchasing their account in Hostgator. Hostgator offers free transfer of website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer. Additional domain name registration transfers will attract additional transfer charges.

Hostgator offers free transfer from other hosts, from other servers of hostgator and also for transfer to other account within the same server. To avail the free transfer, you will need to fill out this form  within 30 days oi your purchasing the hostgator web hosting package. However, the free transfer will done on as is basis which means that hostgator will not do any updation of your web site or its script.

The Free Transfers regarding the number of web sites is limited to maximum number as given in the below table. the different types of packages will entitle you to different number of web sites entitled for free transfers.

Account Type Total Free Transfers Full cPanel Transfers Max. Manual Transfers
Shared  1 12 1
Reseller  30 302 30
VPS  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 0 – 903
Dedicated (Basic)  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 100
Dedicated (Standard, Elite, Pro)  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 100
Windows Shared Personal  1 1 1
Windows Shared Enterprise  1 1 1

The maximum number of manual transfers for VPS plans are as follows:

  • Snappy 500 – 0 manual transfers
  • Snappy 1000 – 30 manual transfers
  • Snappy 2000 – 50 manual transfers
  • Snappy 4000 – 70 manual transfers
  • Snappy 8000 – 90 manual transfers

Hostgator also does not offers free transfer of websites for Hosts which has technical limitations like no FTP access. The following web hosting are not eligible for free transfers:

  1. VistaPrint
  3. Intuit
  4. Wix
  5. Website Tonight
  6. Google Sites
  7. Microsoft Office Live Small Business/Office 365
  8. MobileMe

For full list of the web hosts who are not eligible for free transfers are given in this Page. Hostgator also offers paid transfer of websites for those clients who are not eligible for the free transfer. You will have to ask for the quotes from Hostgator Support regarding the prices.

For complete information on the Free Website Transfer facility, visit this page