hostgator India Cloud Hosting

Hostgator India which is the leading web hosting provider in India is now offering cloud web hosting services through its platform. The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India is very economical which allows even small website owner to host their website on the cloud.

The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India starts as low as Rs 475 per month. The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India comes with features of Shared Hosting which makes your work easier. The Cpanel, software installers, emails, and other features of Shared Hosting incorporated into the Cloud Hosting makes the workload of webmaster  easy.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting offers following major features:

  • It offers upto 2 times faster speed as compared to conventiona h osting through premium hardware, multiple caching layers and low density servers,. If your website serves dynamic content then it the content dispays more faster due to these features.
  • Hostgator India Cloud Hosting offers very easy scalability without any downtime. Just few clicks and you have scaled your resources as per your needs. Cloud Hosting also is suitable in case of traffic surges as it distributes the traffic load.
  • Automated Failover allows your website to be served fro another server in case of server failure. So, your website suffers from almost zero downtime.
  • DATA MIRRORING feature of Hostgator India Cloud hosting automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data and which aloss multiple devices to ensure safety and redundancy.
  • Hostgator India Cloud Hosting comes with Cpanel control panel allows automatic software installation, email account creation, managing resources, etc.

Host India offers 3 plans of Cloud Hosting. The details of which are given below

HATCHLING PLAN: This plan starts at Rs 475 per month.  You can host a single domain in this plan. You get 3 cores CPU,   2 GB RAM, unmetered Bandwidth and unlimited storage

BABY PLAN: This plan price startts from Rs 645 per month. You get 4 cores CPU with 4 GB RAM. You can host unlimited domains in this plan. The Bandwidth is unmetered and you also get unlimited storage.

BUSINESS PLAN : This plan price starts from Rs. 875 per month, You get 6 cores CPU with 6 GB of RAM. You can host unlimited domains in this plan. You get unlimited storage with unmetered bandwidth.

Sale on Codeguard Site Back Up Service

Hostgator India which is the leading web Hosting service in India is now offering great discount on Codeguard Ste Back up service. The discount offered is 30 percent on all the Codeguard plans.

Codeguard Offers Following benefits:

  • You get a backup of all the files in your hosting package.
    Your databases are also fully backed up by CodeGuard.
    A data is fully encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Full Automated
  • CodeGuard monitors your website for changes and automatically backs up the changes on your website.
    You are also notified by CodeGuard when there are additions, modification and deletions of your files.
    Web Hosting Features
    Restore your Site
  • CodeGuard allows you to restore your entire website from any previously created snapshot.
    You can also choose to restore individual files from a screenshot.
    Database restores are made easy so that you can recover from database corruption issues.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Lightweight and Secure
  • CodeGuard reduces your load on your hosting package by determining what has changed and only backing up the changes.
    With automated notifications, you will be notified when files on your website have changed, helping you protect your website from unauthorized modifications.

Hostgator India offers 4 Codeguard Plans – Basic, Professional, Premium and Enterprise.  The Basic Plan is offered at Rs. 69 per month and includes 1 GB diskspace with upto 5 websites backup. The back up is taken automatically every 5 days.

The Professional plan is priced at Rs 299 per month and you get 5 GB diskspace and backup is taken daily automatically. You can use this plan for upto 10 websites.

The Premium plan is priced at Rs 399 per month. You get 10 GN disk space and you can take back up of upto 25 websites. The nack up is taken automatically daily.

The Enterprise Plan is priced at Rs 799 per month. You get 25 GB disk space and take up nackup of upto 100 websites. The back up is taken daily automatically.


Hostgator India Codeguard Service

All the Plans are now offered at flat discount of 30 percent. The offer is valid till 21st June, 2017 only.


Bandwidth Infrastructure of Hostgator Datacenters along with its Indian subsidiary Hostgator India pride itself as a reliable and quality web hosting provider and that too at a very reasonable cost. The Hardware used by Hostgator is top of the line from the best vendors like Dell. CISCO, etc. The exceptional quality of the hardware ensures that the servers runs 24/7 without any trouble besides there are always backups available in case of any system failure.

Hardware is not the only factor which determines the quality of datacenters but there is very another important important factor which is the Bandwidth. The Bandwidth is very important as it determines how fast the request to server reaches and how fast the data from the server is transferred to the user. In simple terms, the Bandwidth is responsible for fast display of your website to the computer of the user, the download and upload speed of data, etc.

To ensure the availability of Bandwith, the Hostgator sources bandwidth from multiple providers. This ensures that the bandwidth is always availability in sufficient volume besides it also ensures that the in case of failure of one bandwidth provider there is always back up available. The multiple bandwidth providers also ensures that even in the time of heavy traffic, the Bandwidth is always available. sources Bandwidth from AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT, etc. while Hostgator India sources Bandwidth from Vodafone, Reliance and TATA.

Why Bandwidth matters to Site Owners?

Bandwidth is one of the most important factor for site owners as the speed of rendering of your site to the end user is highly dependent upon the Bandwidth. If the Datacenter’s bandwidth is inadequate then your site may load very slowly. According, to many studies a high percentage of user exit the site if the loading speed is slow. This means that you lose many client because os poor bandwidth. According to some SEO experts, Google also gives SEO benefits to sites wityh good loading speed. So, keep this in mind while choosing your web host.


Now Avail Mojo Marketplace in Hostgator, the leading web hosting company of the world, has now integrated the Mojo Marketplace with its platform. Mojo Marketplace is a platform where developers offers their premium themes, plugins, etc to the customers. You can buy the services and products of these developers from Mojo Marketplace.

The Mojo Marketplace is also now part of the EIG which also owns the and besides dozens of other leading brands. The Mojo Marketplace can be accessed by the Shared hosting customers through Quickinstall in Control panel. Mojo Marketplace has applications like themes, plugins, templates, etc for the leading open source CMS like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more.quickinstall

Hostgator has released the following press release on the occasion

Houston, Texas – HostGator, part of Endurance International Group’s family of brands and a leading provider of cloud technology, web hosting and web presence solutions for small business, today announced the integration of MOJO Marketplace into its technology platform. HostGator’s initial rollout allows shared hosting customers to purchase themes, templates, and WordPress services through QuickInstall, accessed directly from the HostGator control panel.

MOJO Marketplace, also part of Endurance’s family of brands, is a one-stop shop where users can buy the latest website templates, plugins, logos, and scripts from some of the most popular open-source applications, like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Concrete 5 and Drupal. The company also offersProfessional Services, which includes services for eCommerce, analytics, SEO, web design, development, and WordPress Services. Today, there are nearly 5,000 different products and services available in the marketplace.

“MOJO Marketplace puts the power of thousands of products and services in the hands of our customers, all with just a few mouse clicks,” said Adam Farrar, General Manager and CEO of HostGator. “MOJO makes it easy for our customers to build their web presence by taking advantage of expert help and easy-to-use products. HostGator wants to make building an online presence simple and frustration-free, so that our customers can focus on running and growing their small business. This is a fantastic collaboration and we are excited to introduce MOJO to the HostGator family.”

MOJO Marketplace’s popular ‘micro-services’ are also available – these services take an average 2-3 days to complete and are purchased for a one-time fee. The most popular ‘micro-services’ are:

  • WordPress-All-In-One – This comprehensive starter kit includes a WordPress installation on a domain, theme installation, demo setup, backup, a $49 theme credit, WordPress SEO/SEM Sitemap, WordPress Site Security, and WordPress Theme training.
  • Make My WordPress Site Look Like the Theme Demo – Many users are not prepared for the complex customization and setup that may be required for a WordPress theme. This service includes a theme installation and expert help to make your WordPress site look like the theme demo. Once the demo content is installed, customers can replace the demo text and images with their own, rather than starting from scratch.
  • WordPress Theme Training – This service includes a 30-minute phone training with a MOJO theme expert.

“We are really excited to bring the MOJO Marketplace to HostGator users in such an innovative and personal way,” said Brady Nord, Co-founder of MOJO Marketplace. “With this integration, we are bringing MOJO’s best themes, services and offers directly where the customers manage their website. We have been looking forward to this for a long time.”

About MOJO Marketplace

Founded in 2010 in Salt Lake City, MOJO Marketplace is the brainchild of JR Farr and Brady Nord. MOJO Marketplace uses a proprietary network of more than 2,500 application developers to deliver innovative themes, code, services, and scripts to users of popular open-source applications, including WordPress, Joomla and several shopping carts. For more information,

About HostGator

HostGator is an international provider of cloud-based web presence solutions, committed to delivering reliable and stable services backed by first-class support and guidance. Founded in 2002, HostGator is the perfect web partner for businesses owners and individuals seeking hands-on support. Based in Texas, with offices in Houston and Austin, and offshore enterprises in Brazil and India. ‘Snappy’ is the company’s internationally recognized mascot. For more information, visit

About Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: EIGI) technology company that helps power small and medium-sized businesses online. Through its proprietary cloud platform, Endurance provides web presence solutions including web hosting, eCommerce, eMarketing and mobile business tools to approximately 4.2 million subscribers around the globe. The company’s world-class family of brands includes Bluehost, HostGator, iPage,, A Small Orange, MOJO Marketplace, BigRock and ResellerClub, among others. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Endurance employs more than 2,600 people across the United States in Utah, Texas, Washington and Arizona and in the United Kingdom, India, Israel and Brazil. For more information on how Endurance can help grow your business, visit

Hostgator Now Uses Softaculous Script Installer

Hostgator Now Uses Softaculous Script Installer and now has adopted the Softaaculous script installer. The Softaculous Auto Script Installer is world’s leading automated script installer. Softaculous provides one click installation for most of the free scripts as available today.

Softaculous currently offers 352 script auto installation. You might be wondering what is so special about Softaculous script installer and what it does? Well. it is difficult to explain to those web master who never did manual installation of script about how the Softaculous auto installer saves hell lot of a time and effort. Besides, the manual installation is always prone to danger due to the human error. Earlier, when there was no auto script installer was there, web master will ahve to manually upload the script, configure the installation and then testing it for any errors. it took many hours and sometimes even days to install a script manually. With the launch of the Auto Script Installers like Softaculous, Fantastico, etc. the Script Installation can be finished in couple of minutes with just one or two clicks. No back ground changes need to be made, no uploading of script and no making changes to any files or installations.

Softaculous has become the leading auto script installer due to ease of its use, number of script it can install and security it gives. It has 352 scripts which can be installed through it in categories like Blogs software, forums, Galleries, Wikis, E Commerce, Polls & Surveys and many more. The top open source website scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PhpBb, SMF, etc is available for installation through Softaculous.

Now, this Softaculous Script Installer is available in Hostgator’s Control Panel to make your work of installing any script a child’s play. Just choose your script and follow the instructions and click on the button and your Script is ready to use. The Softaculous Script installer comes at no extra price for the Shared Hosting packages. However, for VPS and Dedicated Server hosting a nominal monthly charges will apply.


Codeguard Website Protection Service Now Available in Hostgator India

Hostgator India is now offering the Codeguard Website protection service through its platform. The Codeguard allows you to monitor your website and keep back ups of your website automatically. Codeguard monitors your website for any changes made and keeps an upto date back up of site in a cloud storage separate from your website’s storage.

You can opt for the Codeguard service plan from the Hostgator Platform. After activation of the service, you can connect to the Codeguard service through SFTP protocol. After the successful connection, the Codeguard will immediately start taking the initial back up of your web sites. Codeguards then monitors you website for any changes made. In case there is any changes made to your websites then Codeguard will immediately keep a back up of it and also informs you through the email regarding the changes made. If the changes has been made without your permission then you can restore the website to an earlier point.

Codeguard also fully back ups your databases. The data transfer between your web hosting and the Cloud Storage of the Codeguard is fully secure through SFTP and AES 256-bit encryption.. All the back ups and the monitoring of the website is fully automated and also it is a very light weight program which will not use much of your web hosting resources. Codeguard also gives you choice to restore entire web site or individual files.

Hostgator India has currently 4 plans for the Codeguard service. The price of which starts from Rs. 49 per month which includes 1GB diskspace and on which you can back up to 5 websites. The automatic back ups are taken at every 5 days.  The professional plan starts at Rs. 199 per month and has 5 GB diskspace and upto 10 website back ups. In this plan the backups are taken every day. The third plan is Premium Plan which is priced at Rs. 349 per month and it allows you to back up upto 25 websites and has 5 GB diskspace. It also takes daily back ups of sites.  The last plan is Enterprise Plan which is priced at Rs. 699 per month and which allows you to back up to 100 websites. It also takes daily back ups.

You can also download the back ups of your sites and individual files for free in 2nd, 3rd and 4th plan while for the first plan a nominal charge applies. So, now you need not have to worry about your sites’ security with Codeguard.


Endurance Acquires Stake in Appmachine

Endurance Acquires Stake in Appmachine

Endurance International Group, which is the owner of leading web hosting companies including Hostgator,com and Hostgator India, has now acquired 40% stake in the Appmachine for a sum of $15.2 million.

Appmachine was founded in the year 2011 by CEO Siebrand Dijkstra alongwith 18 other programmers. Appmachine allows the users to build mobile apps for their clients. Appmachine allows both Android and IOS mobile apps. Appmachine went live in 2013 and since then over 120000 clients from around 140 countries have used the Appmachine to build the mobile apps for their business.  The USP of the Appmachine is that even non programmers or technical persons can build their mobile apps using the Appmachine software.

Mobile devices has now overtaken the desktop devices in terms of number of persons using it for accessing the internet and for online shopping. This has made imperative for the all kinds of businesses whether small or large to have an mobile app so that their clients can conduct transactions through their mobile devices. The businesses now needs to maintain both websites (including mobile friendly websites) and also have the mobile apps so that they do not lose the business volumes.

Endurance International Group is the biggest web hosting service provider in the world and has over 2 dozens brands under its management including leading players like Hostgator, Bluehost, Bigrock, Hostmonster, amongst others. Many of the clients of these web hosting companies includes businesses of all sizes and they will be looking to build their mobile apps for their businesses. The partnership with Appmachine will help Endurance to offer Appnachine software to their clients through their platform. Appmachine will also gain with partnership with Endurance International as it will give them access to the millions of clients which Endurance International has.

Clients of Hostgator and Hostgator India now can expect to use the Appmachine through their platform very soon and build their own App.

appmachine hostgator

Free Website Transfers Facility of Hostgator

Free Website Transfers Facility of Hostgator

Hostgator offers free transfer facility of websites for the new customers. The new customers can ask for transfer of websites within 30 days of purchasing their account in Hostgator. Hostgator offers free transfer of website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer. Additional domain name registration transfers will attract additional transfer charges.

Hostgator offers free transfer from other hosts, from other servers of hostgator and also for transfer to other account within the same server. To avail the free transfer, you will need to fill out this form  within 30 days oi your purchasing the hostgator web hosting package. However, the free transfer will done on as is basis which means that hostgator will not do any updation of your web site or its script.

The Free Transfers regarding the number of web sites is limited to maximum number as given in the below table. the different types of packages will entitle you to different number of web sites entitled for free transfers.

Account Type Total Free Transfers Full cPanel Transfers Max. Manual Transfers
Shared  1 12 1
Reseller  30 302 30
VPS  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 0 – 903
Dedicated (Basic)  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 100
Dedicated (Standard, Elite, Pro)  Unlimited1 Unlimited2 100
Windows Shared Personal  1 1 1
Windows Shared Enterprise  1 1 1

The maximum number of manual transfers for VPS plans are as follows:

  • Snappy 500 – 0 manual transfers
  • Snappy 1000 – 30 manual transfers
  • Snappy 2000 – 50 manual transfers
  • Snappy 4000 – 70 manual transfers
  • Snappy 8000 – 90 manual transfers

Hostgator also does not offers free transfer of websites for Hosts which has technical limitations like no FTP access. The following web hosting are not eligible for free transfers:

  1. VistaPrint
  3. Intuit
  4. Wix
  5. Website Tonight
  6. Google Sites
  7. Microsoft Office Live Small Business/Office 365
  8. MobileMe

For full list of the web hosts who are not eligible for free transfers are given in this Page. Hostgator also offers paid transfer of websites for those clients who are not eligible for the free transfer. You will have to ask for the quotes from Hostgator Support regarding the prices.

For complete information on the Free Website Transfer facility, visit this page


Dedicated IP and Its Uses

Dedicated IP and Its Uses

While purchasing web hosting account you might have heard the term Dedicated IP. For those who don’t know, the Dedicated IP is an Internet Protocol address assigned to a web hosting account or server. Generally, many shared hosting account resides on a single server which shares the same IP address as they do not need to have the separate IP address. However, for certain needs you will need to get the separate IP address. You will need to get a separate Dedicated IP address if:

  • You need to install SSL certificates. SSL certificates can not be installed on shared IP address.
  • If you want to avoid sharing the IP address with other people’s web sites.
  • In case of high traffic load it is better to have a dedicated IP so that the traffic on the shared IP does not affect your site speed.

Dedicated IP address also offers SEO advantages in terms of Page Load speed which is a factor in Google’s algorithm for determining the SERP positions. However, it should be understood that Page Load speed is affected by many other factors like server location, server speed, traffic, etc. offers Dedicated IP address for all of its hosting plans. However, for some hosting plans there would be free Dedicated IP(s) while for some hosting plans the Dedicated IP address will be charged extra.


Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS is one of the top open source CMS and is maintained by a community of volunteers from around the world. Drupal CMS is distributed under the GNU license which means that any one can use this CMS for free. Drupal is written in PhP and it is used by various sites ranging from the blogs to corporate web sites.

Drupal was originally started as a message board platform in the year 1999. Drupal later on became open source which allowed more and more developers to work on the Drupal and made it what it is today. Drupal CMS is managed through the which provides the support, etc for it. Drupal CMS has over 16000 modules through which you can extend the functionality of your site. Drupal also allows users to contributes modules so that other users can use it.

Besides the free themes and modules, many paid themes and modules are also available from the various developers selling their themes and modules.

Hostgator also offers specialized Drupal Shared Hosting. The Drupal CMS hosting of Hostgator offers the resources and architecture which is ideal for the Drupal CMS. It uses the latest version of Apache, MySQL, & PHP. The PHP runs as suPHP for increased Drupal security.

Hostgator has 3 plans for Drupal CMS hosting which is priced similar as the regular Shared Hosting plans. The other features regarding number of domains allowed, databases, diskspace, bandwidth, etc is also same as that provided by the regular Shared Hosting plans.

Hostgator’s Drupal Hosting also comes with 45 days money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support and other regular features. You can also get the discount coupon codes as given in our Homepage. Do not forget to use them to get extra discount if you are looking to buy Drupal CMS Hosting or for that matter any type of hosting from Hostgator.