Endurance International Completes the Acquisition of Constant Contact

Endurance International Group (EIG)which is the owner of the leading web hosting brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. has acquired another web hosting related brands to its kitty with the acquisition of Constant Contact.

EIG has announced the definitive plan to acquire the Contant Contact late last year and now it has completed the process. Constant Contact is a leading Email Marketing company which provides email marketing services for the small businesses.

EIG  follows a completely inorganic route for the growth of the group. Most of the top brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, Mojo Market Place and many others are acquired by the EIG. EIG is now focused on becoming a complete web hosting service provider with the acquisition of web hosting related services providers like Mojo, Constant Contact, etc.

The acquistion of the Constant Contact has given the EIG Email Marketing service tool for its customers. It is expected that the leading EIG brands will soon be able to market Email Marketing service of Constant Contact to its customers.

The acquisition has cost $1.1 billion to the EIG which makes it one of the costlier acquisition of the EIG. However, the importance of Email Marketing and its future is an important reason why EIG shelled out so much money for this acquisition.



Hostgator India Now offers Business Email Hosting

Hostgator India has now started offering Business Email Hosting which is a professional email hosting offering many premium facilities which you don’t get with a free email accounts. The premium Business email accounts offers a more professional look to your business.

The Business email accounts offers many advantages over the free email accounts like spam filters, personalised email accounts, more security, supports various email clients and mobile devices, etc/ You also get more professional looking personalised email address which ensures that people look at your business more seriously which a free email account can not offer.

The Business Email account also offers huge disk space of 5 GB per account which ensures that you can store a huge number of emails in your account. Also the emails are backed up which is not counted in the 5 GB space which you get. This means that your emails are secured at no extra cost. The Business email accounts also gives a you very strong anti spam tools which ensures that you don’t receive  most of the spam emails.

The Business email of Hostgator India supports most of the mobile devices which ensures that you can access your emails from your mobile devices conveniently.  Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Mail are fully supported in the Hostgator India’s Business Email Hosting.

The Business Email Hosting is available on a monthly charges starting from Rs. 35 per month. Special discounts are available for the bulk buyers. Infact, the email acocunts are priced on a slab basis which means that more account you buy, the less charges per account will apply.

Hostfator India is also offering you a 30 days money back guarantee which means that you can try out their services for 30 days and if you don’t like their services then you can always ask for refund within 30 days. Hostgator India offers a 24/7/365 support for the Business email hosting at no extra cost. Support is available through phone, email and chat.

hostgator India Business Email Hosting
Business Email Hosting