Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS is one of the top open source CMS and is maintained by a community of volunteers from around the world. Drupal CMS is distributed under the GNU license which means that any one can use this CMS for free. Drupal is written in PhP and it is used by various sites ranging from the blogs to corporate web sites.

Drupal was originally started as a message board platform in the year 1999. Drupal later on became open source which allowed more and more developers to work on the Drupal and made it what it is today. Drupal CMS is managed through the Drupal.org which provides the support, etc for it. Drupal CMS has over 16000 modules through which you can extend the functionality of your site. Drupal also allows users to contributes modules so that other users can use it.

Besides the free themes and modules, many paid themes and modules are also available from the various developers selling their themes and modules.

Hostgator also offers specialized Drupal Shared Hosting. The Drupal CMS hosting of Hostgator offers the resources and architecture which is ideal for the Drupal CMS. It uses the latest version of Apache, MySQL, & PHP. The PHP runs as suPHP for increased Drupal security.

Hostgator has 3 plans for Drupal CMS hosting which is priced similar as the regular Shared Hosting plans. The other features regarding number of domains allowed, databases, diskspace, bandwidth, etc is also same as that provided by the regular Shared Hosting plans.

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