Bandwidth Infrastructure of Hostgator Datacenters along with its Indian subsidiary Hostgator India pride itself as a reliable and quality web hosting provider and that too at a very reasonable cost. The Hardware used by Hostgator is top of the line from the best vendors like Dell. CISCO, etc. The exceptional quality of the hardware ensures that the servers runs 24/7 without any trouble besides there are always backups available in case of any system failure.

Hardware is not the only factor which determines the quality of datacenters but there is very another important important factor which is the Bandwidth. The Bandwidth is very important as it determines how fast the request to server reaches and how fast the data from the server is transferred to the user. In simple terms, the Bandwidth is responsible for fast display of your website to the computer of the user, the download and upload speed of data, etc.

To ensure the availability of Bandwith, the Hostgator sources bandwidth from multiple providers. This ensures that the bandwidth is always availability in sufficient volume besides it also ensures that the in case of failure of one bandwidth provider there is always back up available. The multiple bandwidth providers also ensures thatĀ even in the time of heavy traffic, the Bandwidth is always available. sources Bandwidth fromĀ AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT, etc. while Hostgator India sources Bandwidth from Vodafone, Reliance and TATA.

Why Bandwidth matters to Site Owners?

Bandwidth is one of the most important factor for site owners as the speed of rendering of your site to the end user is highly dependent upon the Bandwidth. If the Datacenter’s bandwidth is inadequate then your site may load very slowly. According, to many studies a high percentage of user exit the site if the loading speed is slow. This means that you lose many client because os poor bandwidth. According to some SEO experts, Google also gives SEO benefits to sites wityh good loading speed. So, keep this in mind while choosing your web host.


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