hostgator India Cloud Hosting

Hostgator India which is the leading web hosting provider in India is now offering cloud web hosting services through its platform. The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India is very economical which allows even small website owner to host their website on the cloud.

The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India starts as low as Rs 475 per month. The cloud hosting of the Hostgator India comes with features of Shared Hosting which makes your work easier. The Cpanel, software installers, emails, and other features of Shared Hosting incorporated into the Cloud Hosting makes the workload of webmaster  easy.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting offers following major features:

  • It offers upto 2 times faster speed as compared to conventiona h osting through premium hardware, multiple caching layers and low density servers,. If your website serves dynamic content then it the content dispays more faster due to these features.
  • Hostgator India Cloud Hosting offers very easy scalability without any downtime. Just few clicks and you have scaled your resources as per your needs. Cloud Hosting also is suitable in case of traffic surges as it distributes the traffic load.
  • Automated Failover allows your website to be served fro another server in case of server failure. So, your website suffers from almost zero downtime.
  • DATA MIRRORING feature of Hostgator India Cloud hosting automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data and which aloss multiple devices to ensure safety and redundancy.
  • Hostgator India Cloud Hosting comes with Cpanel control panel allows automatic software installation, email account creation, managing resources, etc.

Host India offers 3 plans of Cloud Hosting. The details of which are given below

HATCHLING PLAN: This plan starts at Rs 475 per month.  You can host a single domain in this plan. You get 3 cores CPU,   2 GB RAM, unmetered Bandwidth and unlimited storage

BABY PLAN: This plan price startts from Rs 645 per month. You get 4 cores CPU with 4 GB RAM. You can host unlimited domains in this plan. The Bandwidth is unmetered and you also get unlimited storage.

BUSINESS PLAN : This plan price starts from Rs. 875 per month, You get 6 cores CPU with 6 GB of RAM. You can host unlimited domains in this plan. You get unlimited storage with unmetered bandwidth.