Sale on Codeguard Site Back Up Service

Hostgator India which is the leading web Hosting service in India is now offering great discount on Codeguard Ste Back up service. The discount offered is 30 percent on all the Codeguard plans.

Codeguard Offers Following benefits:

  • You get a backup of all the files in your hosting package.
    Your databases are also fully backed up by CodeGuard.
    A data is fully encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Full Automated
  • CodeGuard monitors your website for changes and automatically backs up the changes on your website.
    You are also notified by CodeGuard when there are additions, modification and deletions of your files.
    Web Hosting Features
    Restore your Site
  • CodeGuard allows you to restore your entire website from any previously created snapshot.
    You can also choose to restore individual files from a screenshot.
    Database restores are made easy so that you can recover from database corruption issues.
    Free With Each Hosting Plan
    Lightweight and Secure
  • CodeGuard reduces your load on your hosting package by determining what has changed and only backing up the changes.
    With automated notifications, you will be notified when files on your website have changed, helping you protect your website from unauthorized modifications.

Hostgator India offers 4 Codeguard Plans – Basic, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. ┬áThe Basic Plan is offered at Rs. 69┬áper month and includes 1 GB diskspace with upto 5 websites backup. The back up is taken automatically every 5 days.

The Professional plan is priced at Rs 299 per month and you get 5 GB diskspace and backup is taken daily automatically. You can use this plan for upto 10 websites.

The Premium plan is priced at Rs 399 per month. You get 10 GN disk space and you can take back up of upto 25 websites. The nack up is taken automatically daily.

The Enterprise Plan is priced at Rs 799 per month. You get 25 GB disk space and take up nackup of upto 100 websites. The back up is taken daily automatically.


Hostgator India Codeguard Service

All the Plans are now offered at flat discount of 30 percent. The offer is valid till 21st June, 2017 only.