Any budding blogger or website maker might have  heard a lot about WordPress Content Managing System or CMS in short. You might have thought what is WordPress afterall and what is its use. Well, the WordPress CMS is a Website, Blog, etc making tool through which you can easily make a website of any kind including a blog.

WordPress had a humble beginning in the year 2003 and today it is world’s most popular CMS with millions of websites and blogs created through it. WordPress CMS is an Open Source Project which is maintained and constantly upgraded by the volunteers from all over the world. Open source means the users can freely download and use it without having to pay anything.

WordPress is today the most popular CMS because it is very simple to use, very secure with constant upgradation & bug fixing, availability of thousands of plugins & themes and most importantly it is free * have a great support forum. Websites of every kind like Blog, Online Shopping Sites, Business Sites, etc can easily be created through wordpress.

A vedery important reason for popularity of WordPress is the availability of thousands of Themes, Plugins, Apps, etc for the WordPress CMS. Through these Themes, Plugins, etc you can create site of any kind you want . For example, if you want to create a Online Shopping site then you will need Plugins for Shopping Carts, etc. which is all available in WordPress site. The Themes, Plugins, Carts, etc are all available for download from WordPress site – Besides the Free Plugins, Themes, etc., there are also Paid Themes, Plugins, etc. are available from the private developers which can be purchased from their respective site.

It is being claimed that the WordPress mow powers almost 25% of the internet which is reflective of the trust and popularity of this CMS. Infact, even this site is powered by the WordPress. So, whether you are a new blogger or experienced website developer, the WordPress is simple enough for everyone and has all the functions which an advanced developer might need.



Endurance International Completes the Acquisition of Constant Contact

Endurance International Group (EIG)which is the owner of the leading web hosting brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. has acquired another web hosting related brands to its kitty with the acquisition of Constant Contact.

EIG has announced the definitive plan to acquire the Contant Contact late last year and now it has completed the process. Constant Contact is a leading Email Marketing company which provides email marketing services for the small businesses.

EIG  follows a completely inorganic route for the growth of the group. Most of the top brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, Mojo Market Place and many others are acquired by the EIG. EIG is now focused on becoming a complete web hosting service provider with the acquisition of web hosting related services providers like Mojo, Constant Contact, etc.

The acquistion of the Constant Contact has given the EIG Email Marketing service tool for its customers. It is expected that the leading EIG brands will soon be able to market Email Marketing service of Constant Contact to its customers.

The acquisition has cost $1.1 billion to the EIG which makes it one of the costlier acquisition of the EIG. However, the importance of Email Marketing and its future is an important reason why EIG shelled out so much money for this acquisition.