Hostgator Now Uses Softaculous Script Installer

Hostgator Now Uses Softaculous Script Installer and now has adopted the Softaaculous script installer. The Softaculous Auto Script Installer is world’s leading automated script installer. Softaculous provides one click installation for most of the free scripts as available today.

Softaculous currently offers 352 script auto installation. You might be wondering what is so special about Softaculous script installer and what it does? Well. it is difficult to explain to those web master who never did manual installation of script about how the Softaculous auto installer saves hell lot of a time and effort. Besides, the manual installation is always prone to danger due to the human error. Earlier, when there was no auto script installer was there, web master will ahve to manually upload the script, configure the installation and then testing it for any errors. it took many hours and sometimes even days to install a script manually. With the launch of the Auto Script Installers like Softaculous, Fantastico, etc. the Script Installation can be finished in couple of minutes with just one or two clicks. No back ground changes need to be made, no uploading of script and no making changes to any files or installations.

Softaculous has become the leading auto script installer due to ease of its use, number of script it can install and security it gives. It has 352 scripts which can be installed through it in categories like Blogs software, forums, Galleries, Wikis, E Commerce, Polls & Surveys and many more. The top open source website scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PhpBb, SMF, etc is available for installation through Softaculous.

Now, this Softaculous Script Installer is available in Hostgator’s Control Panel to make your work of installing any script a child’s play. Just choose your script and follow the instructions and click on the button and your Script is ready to use. The Softaculous Script installer comes at no extra price for the Shared Hosting packages. However, for VPS and Dedicated Server hosting a nominal monthly charges will apply.


Codeguard Website Protection Service Now Available in Hostgator India

Hostgator India is now offering the Codeguard Website protection service through its platform. The Codeguard allows you to monitor your website and keep back ups of your website automatically. Codeguard monitors your website for any changes made and keeps an upto date back up of site in a cloud storage separate from your website’s storage.

You can opt for the Codeguard service plan from the Hostgator Platform. After activation of the service, you can connect to the Codeguard service through SFTP protocol. After the successful connection, the Codeguard will immediately start taking the initial back up of your web sites. Codeguards then monitors you website for any changes made. In case there is any changes made to your websites then Codeguard will immediately keep a back up of it and also informs you through the email regarding the changes made. If the changes has been made without your permission then you can restore the website to an earlier point.

Codeguard also fully back ups your databases. The data transfer between your web hosting and the Cloud Storage of the Codeguard is fully secure through SFTP and AES 256-bit encryption.. All the back ups and the monitoring of the website is fully automated and also it is a very light weight program which will not use much of your web hosting resources. Codeguard also gives you choice to restore entire web site or individual files.

Hostgator India has currently 4 plans for the Codeguard service. The price of which starts from Rs. 49 per month which includes 1GB diskspace and on which you can back up to 5 websites. The automatic back ups are taken at every 5 days.  The professional plan starts at Rs. 199 per month and has 5 GB diskspace and upto 10 website back ups. In this plan the backups are taken every day. The third plan is Premium Plan which is priced at Rs. 349 per month and it allows you to back up upto 25 websites and has 5 GB diskspace. It also takes daily back ups of sites.  The last plan is Enterprise Plan which is priced at Rs. 699 per month and which allows you to back up to 100 websites. It also takes daily back ups.

You can also download the back ups of your sites and individual files for free in 2nd, 3rd and 4th plan while for the first plan a nominal charge applies. So, now you need not have to worry about your sites’ security with Codeguard.