Endurance Acquires Stake in Appmachine

Endurance Acquires Stake in Appmachine

Endurance International Group, which is the owner of leading web hosting companies including Hostgator,com and Hostgator India, has now acquired 40% stake in the Appmachine for a sum of $15.2 million.

Appmachine was founded in the year 2011 by CEO Siebrand Dijkstra alongwith 18 other programmers. Appmachine allows the users to build mobile apps for their clients. Appmachine allows both Android and IOS mobile apps. Appmachine went live in 2013 and since then over 120000 clients from around 140 countries have used the Appmachine to build the mobile apps for their business.  The USP of the Appmachine is that even non programmers or technical persons can build their mobile apps using the Appmachine software.

Mobile devices has now overtaken the desktop devices in terms of number of persons using it for accessing the internet and for online shopping. This has made imperative for the all kinds of businesses whether small or large to have an mobile app so that their clients can conduct transactions through their mobile devices. The businesses now needs to maintain both websites (including mobile friendly websites) and also have the mobile apps so that they do not lose the business volumes.

Endurance International Group is the biggest web hosting service provider in the world and has over 2 dozens brands under its management including leading players like Hostgator, Bluehost, Bigrock, Hostmonster, amongst others. Many of the clients of these web hosting companies includes businesses of all sizes and they will be looking to build their mobile apps for their businesses. The partnership with Appmachine will help Endurance to offer Appnachine software to their clients through their platform. Appmachine will also gain with partnership with Endurance International as it will give them access to the millions of clients which Endurance International has.

Clients of Hostgator and Hostgator India now can expect to use the Appmachine through their platform very soon and build their own App.

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