What are Private Nameservers

What are Private Nameservers

If you have hosted a web site on shared hosting plan then you might know what is Nameserver. For example, nameservers looks something like ns1.hostgator.com, ns2.hostgator.com, etc. You need these nameservers to point your domain name to the Hostgator nameservers so that your web site is served correctly whenever there is a request made. If nameservers are not pointed correctly then your web site will not be available on the web. The above Hostgator Nameservers are generic nameservers belonging to the Hostgator.com. Now, for the VPS and Dedicated servers, the name servers are required to be private. The private nameservers are those nameservers which uses your domain name and not the domain name of your web hosting provider. It should look like ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com and ns1.hostgator.com, etc.

Setting Up Private Nameservers

Private nameservers need to be set up at your domain registrar end. You will need to first register the private nameservers at the your domain name registrar. The procedure for it is available at your domain registrar’s site. You will also need to have the IP address of your hosting package before you set up the private nameservers. The IP address will be given to you when you purchase the hosting package. it should be mentioned that for Shared Hosting packages, no private nameservers are allowed.

After creation of the private nameservers, you will need to add the necessary details in the A records of your domain. The A records can be added through the control panel of your domain name available at your domain name registrar.

After the Glue Record checking is done to ensure that the records matches with the records of your registrar. This ensures that all the information are correct and up to date. In case of any conflict with the records then some private nameservers will not trust your records and your web site will be not available to many of the users. So, it is important to check the Glue records thoroughly and correct any wrong information.

This is all about setting up of the private nameservers.

Hostgator also gives you the option to have private nameservers for you Reseller Hosting packages. If you really want a white label reseller hosting then you should have private nameserver set up to ensure that reseller hosting customers sees that your hosting is in your name only and is not a reseller hosting.